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I'm not my daddy's first little


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I've been into dd/lg for a very long time and I recently found the first person I wanted to be my daddy but I'm not his first little. I'm struggling really bad with it and it's bringing out major insecurities within myself. Any advice on how to over come this??
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Not being the first little isn't a bad thing at all. being the longest is what you want to strive for. not being the first means that he knows what he wants and what he doesn't want in the relationship making it easier for you as well. that way you don't get a bunch of "i don't know" answers if you ask him something. it's just any vanilla relationship. unless your like 13, there will have always been some one before you. it's really not a bad thing at all.

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I mean before I became a little I use to be what was known as a sub or "slave" I'll go with sub since it's easier to take in. As a sub my first Dom was very experienced this made it obvious I wasn't his first and young me was upset over that fact much like you so I relate, how I got over it was reminding myself first doesn't matter, it's last (as in growing old together like in the movies.)

I pretty much said what Princess Aurora said, since I completely agree with them. I'm a little thief. x3

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