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Fun things to do for your little


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As a daddy, it's you're responsibility to care and help your little grow. One such thing would be bonding with your little on a regular basis. Try making a day for the both of you, I had turned Friday into a chore day and movie night. Get all the cleaning done together and when that's all done, grad your blankly, some snacks and of course some movies that your little will enjoy. Here's a list of fun things that your little might enjoy also.


Shopping day

Grocery shopping and a stop by the ice cream shop. Hot coco for those chilly days.


Out day

Spend a day out side the house, go to the park or something relevant, just as long as it's outdoors.


Rainy day

Grab all the pillows and make a fort just to play some games or read a book. Blankets and stuffies allowed.


Movie night

As stated movie night starts with first doing all the house chores with your little. Then get your blankets and stuffies ready for a movie marathon of little's preference. Don't forget the snacks!


Also note some other things you can do during your time together, are not limited to simply sex. (Fake daddy's extort sex from their little and that's wrong) playing a board game or even reading a book together. Heck even brushing her hair is a great way of spending bonding time together. Just be creative, you'll


I hope you've enjoyed reading my little list of things you as the daddy can do with your little. Feel free to share your own ideas or experiences, I'd like to hear about them C:

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It's so nice to see this in the community!  There really are too many "fake daddys" and even "fake littles" that maybe aren't into the lifestyle as much as some of the more dedicated people on here are.  LDR is always hard on both ends, whether you are a daddy/mommy or a little boy/girl.  I always tell people to use Skype or video chat, always watch movies together, read each other stories, play online games, just make each other feel very loved in all ways possible.  We are all creative here! :p


As far as a face to face relationship, there is a much wider array of activities that you could enjoy.  Picnics, going to the zoo, the aquarium, the beach when its sunny, or a hill nearby to go sledding when its snowy.  Or just simple cuddling would be perfect, the Dom whispering sweet nothings to the sub, and the sub giggling for hours because they couldn't stop poking the Dom's cheek so now they are being tickled. :D  Totally something I would do! ^.^


Submissives of an kind, whether you are a little, a kitten, a bunny, or maybe a combination, need to always be reminded that they are loved.  All Doms need to be open minded with that and see the perspective of the little, and look at the situations as a whole so you can "fix" the problem to have a beautiful smile beaming at you again.


Welllll this turned out much longer than I meant it to be haha, but my best wishes to you, and to anyone else in the community- let's continue a really good list here!

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Thank you TeddyBearDaddy for starting this thread and for the practical ideas you've listed, and thank you Lilies_and_Roses for adding to it and giving us your insights.  This is exactly the kind of stuff that I find quite helpful as a developing Daddy.  My babygirl (to be.  We are just finalizing our agreement with each other) and I have been together more than half a decade.  She loves it when I read her stories and when we go for long walks together.  She likes when we explore and discover pretty new views, or tree frogs, or any of a thousand things that can be discovered on a nice walk with Daddy.  We love to cuddle and share real stories of our lives and we love dreaming out loud together.

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That sounds amazing. And thank you both for your kind words. I'll continue to post things like this in the future. I've just recently made another post on helping to identify those who would call themselves daddy but have no idea what it intales. I'll probably make a post about what it takes to be a daddy soon but for now, I'll leave it at that C:
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