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Losing daddy

Baby girl & mr bear

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I think this is probably a really goofy question to ask, but I am going to ask it all the same: Have you tried talking openly and honestly to him about it before making this choice?  Is there something in his life that is keeping him from being able to on with you more? (for example, is he in the military and currently deployed?  Is he having major computer issues?)  If you have tried talking and explaining your needs to him, only to get even more silence, than you SHOULD move on.  I'm a big advocate of working things out if possible, but if he refuses to be a Daddy, there is little you can do.  I'm sorry for your sense of loss, but I know there is a better Daddy out there for you somewhere.    I wish you all the best.

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Guest PrincessK<3
I can understand exactly what you're going through. I haven't quit things with my daddy but I have no choice but to. If you need a friend, I'm here.
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