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Painful Love


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Painful Love 


My love for him still grows and grows.

The feelings I have for him over flows

He can hurt me all he wants and get away with it

No matter the pain, he’s the puzzle piece I’ll force to fit

People say to get over him, that he’s no worth

That he’ll only bring me more sadness and hurt

They’re right and I know it’s a fact

But when I let go he decides to come back

How can one deny a love you have for a guy

Even if his love in return is a lie

When I chose him, it was for good

Even if it’s rotting like wood

I can only beg that one day he see’s he’s my world

And his feelings for me won’t be so cold

‘Cause I tried leaving and it ain’t working

My feelings always sneak back, stay lurking 



~M. M. Hawkens









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