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Tips/Rules For Single Littles

Guest Kitkat47756

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Guest Kitkat47756

 As littles, we need lotsa guidance. What rules or tips would you give to littles without caregivers? Here's my ideas:

- No more than 3 unhealthy foods a day

- Be sure to drink enough water

- Eat healthy and exercise

- Go to bed early 

- Remember to give your stuffies lotsa loves

- No big girl words, unless you have a real reason (ex: you get hurt, someone's being mean to you)

- Be sure to watch lotsa cute movies/shows

- Remember that you are small and adorable and deserve love

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Remember any medicine you need to take

Brush your teeth in the morning and night

Get any homework/work done that needs done


That's all I can think to add to yours at the moment.

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I think there was a similar post about this recently... Anyway.

I keep it simple, things i know I can do. So I only have one rule, which is my bedtime. I have enough stress in my life and I cant have a second to be little at this time of my life that I cant have more rules than that.

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Get enough sleep

Tell someone if you need help with anything

Tell yourself you're beautiful at least once a day

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I'm writing a list for myself but I want my routine to look like:


Wake up, get out of bed!!!

Clean condo 15 minutes.

Exercise at least 15 minutes HIIT in the morning and after work

2 Showers a day, one after exercise in the morning and after exercise at night

Eat at least 5 times a day, mini meals, healthy food, no sugar, stay on a ketogenic diet.  I still have to think of how often I want cheat days for special things like sushi, which isn't too bad.

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I have an extensive list of rules I made with a close friend who is a dominant. Here's the list of some of them:


  1. Bedtime is 10:30 on week nights and midnight on weekends
  2. Brush teeth twice a day
  3. Keep room clean and organised (I fail miserably at this one...)
  4. Brush hair at least once a day
  5. Limit junk food to one serving a day unless a special occasion
  6. Respect everyone and always be kind even when they are upsetting me
  7. Don't do anything detrimental to my health (binge drinking, smoking, drugs, etc)
  8. Drink 1L of water a day

Those are the basic ones that aren't specific to me personally. They just make my life easier because there's some structure. 

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