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There was a reason you were named a flower

Your love held a beautiful power

It grabbed around my ice stone heart

And once you left it tore my world a part

I understand, why would you stay with me

I understand... myself would make anyone flee


And years after when you left this world, I cried

So hurt, but I kept my cover, a spy

I would one day help avenge your death, your leaving

For years would hide my lasting weeping

But soon that would be hard to do

Your spawn would come into my life, soon


I watched after him, for you only, love

Watch him, keep him safe, Dove

I despised him but in a way cared enough

He was you, making it only more rough

And when I finally one day would die

One thing was said to him

"You have your mother's eyes."


-M. M. Hawkens






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