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Pwease help


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(Pwease excuse te babyish talk)


My daddy and i ish new to ddlg, we only started about 2 months ago i tink.


I learned about it on accident and i thought it was so cute and i wanted to twy it and so my daddy and i did


But.. he ishnt being a very gud daddy ;-;


And he doesnt weally like doing ddlg all dat much..


I wuv it tho it makes me fweel so happy ^-^


He still lets me call him daddy and i still go into little space and stuffs but like.. ish just not fweeling right


What shud i do?? Daddy and i has been together for 9 months tomorrow, but has only been doing dis for about 2


I weally weally like ddlg and want a weal gud daddy


But i wuv him so much i cant throw away our entire relationship for dat


Dis ish making my head hurt twying to decide T^T


Pwease help meh come up with a decision

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Guest LordEmtheDinosaur!

First, have you told him how you feel?

Second, does he know what little you wants from him? What if you tell him you want him to be a "better" Daddy and he gives you snack time but that isn't something your little wants? You need to tell him you want him to do or help you with.

Communicate about your feelings and relationship and things you tried or did at least once a week and go slow, give it time, compromise, work together 

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A couple of things from my own life experience, but they may or may not be helpful to you or apply. They are just my random thoughts (I just woke up from a sickie nappie so my brain is kinda broken):


1. My Daddy is my Husband. We have talked about how we are husband and wife first before we are Daddy/little or Master/slave. We always know that if for some reason we decide we don't want these dynamics anymore, that we still have eachother no matter what. It sounds like you feel the same way about your Daddy. I agree that you should not break up or anything like that just because he isn't as into it as you.


2. There are many times for me that I feel like I am more excited about something thanmy Daddy. I want to give everything to it but he is more balanced. I assume it isn't important to him, but that isn't really true. He just juggles all things going on better than me. I get too excited and obsessed. Talk to your Daddy. It may be important to him but it doesn't show as much on the outside.


3. Trust your Daddy knows what's best for you. As your Caregiver you should of course be able to talk about your needs with him but he is the boss of you lol! Dykwim? I jave to remind myself of that all the time.

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