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Ideas for my notebook/Journal?

Guest Riri'sBunny

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Guest Riri'sBunny

Just want to say firstly, Hello I'm new here and it's nice to meet you all    :heart: 

So my Daddy suggested I got a notebook to put some rules and other things in.


So far I have the following pages:

  • Rules and Punishments 
  • Places To go with Daddy
  • Things that make me smile
  • Things I Like
  • Things I want to wear for Daddy
  • Things that spook me or make me sad


I was going to add a Things that calm me down and cheer me up page or the nicknames I like but other than those I have no ideas at all ;-;

I might use it to write about the days me and daddy spend together IRL (We are a Long distant pair) so I don't think many pages will be filled but I want to fill this notebook with lots of nice things but I'm unsure what else, any other ideas?

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Guest ☽ ᴍᴏɴᴏᴄᴇʀᴏs ☾

I have a journal, but not if I call it a little space journal but it has everything I like, drawings, lyrics, poems, book quotes, drawings that I print from my favorite characters. Even recipes that I would like to try, most are food recipes that come out in series, such as Harry Potter's Butter Beer (with and without alchool), and things like that.

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Guest Riri'sBunny

Those seem like a really nice things to do .


you've given me a few ideas now, I might write down some recipies or things i want to make for myself or for Daddy :3

Imma keep thinking of lots more to add to this, might even use it for gift ideas and list my favourite things.




*glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*

  *glitter* Thank You  *glitter*

*glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter*  *glitter* *glitter*  *glitter*  

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