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In a relationship but no caregiver?


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Okay, I've been with this wonderful guy for almost a year now, and we 'fit' together. We get along well, we like the same things and we love each other. But about a week or so ago, I realised that I was a little. I haven't told him yet, but I know that he isn't into it, as to try to ease him in, I told him that I had a bit of a daddy kink and see how he reacted, but he wasn't into it. At all. And now I don't know what to do, as I know in my heart that I need satisfaction as a little. I need a caregiver, but my boyfriend isn't part of this community. He isn't interested in being in a caregiver/little relationship. Which has now put me in a very tight spot, because I love him with all of my heart, but my little side is a part of me too, and I can't just ignore it forever.


He's like my other half, but I'm terrified of telling him because I might lose him. But then, I fret over the fact that if I don't tell him, then I won't be satisfied fully, as I won't have the CG/L element in the relationship that I know I need, even if it's a small part of my life. But, even if I do tell him, I might not even get that element.

Does somebody have advice on what I should do?

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If I ever had a boyfriend that was vanilla and I hinted about ddlg and he didnt like it but I can SEE he has a dominant side. i would go a little bit simpler. Maybe talk about domestic discipline with him and if he is more acceptable with that I would ask if we try it and if he likes it I would say that ddlg and domestic discipline is aaaaalmost the same thing and ask if he wouldnt like to try it instead. If it still wouldnt work I would ask if it would be okay to get a platonic caregiver. If not I would simply tell him that this is something I need in order to stay healthy mentally and that I would leave him.


This is just what I would do though.

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honestly that sounds like my story. i was so afraid of telling my daddy about me being little because i thought he would find it weird, and he's my other half so i did NOT want to lose him.

but he began realizing i was keeping something from him. so i began jokingly calling him daddy to see how he'd react. he told me if it makes me happy, call him that. but it made me sad he didn't WANT to be called that. i kept on, started being my little self around him too. he asked more questions about this behavior and i began telling him about DDLG. he became more and more open to the idea over the course of the next few weeks.


and now a few months later, we both really enjoy ddlg together. he actually loves being called daddy and is actually the BEST at being a daddy too! <3


so from this story- my advice would to be slowly guide him into this world.

start slow and be open that he won't LOOOOOVE it at first. with guys it takes time and patience. but i assure you, if he loves you he will see you really enjoy this side of you and he will learn to accept it and be in this together with you. <3

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