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Guest Mister Tim
In general it's always great to talk to someone about their hobbies work or interests. I know that this doesn't really help you but I'd suggest that you try to find out what you have in common I'm myself usually socially awkward untill I open up to someone then I tend to talk a lot (sometimes a bit too much to be honest)
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Either in writing or in person, letting your Daddy know that one of your needs as a Little is to have greater involvement/communication from him in your relationship will go a long way.


Once a caregiver is made aware of a particular need, they will try their absolute best to provide it.


If your Daddy is 'in his shell' for a particular reason, knowing that reason and addressing it should make things easier. Were there issues in a past relationship? Are they hesitant about DDLG? Has it perhaps been a while since they've heard the words 'thank you Daddy!' for something recently that might prompt him along and let him know he's doing a great job? As a caregiver those words have considerable power.


Good luck!

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