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Marijuana and Little Space

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  • 3 years later...

I've never had that before. Rarely have my friends just very much indoctrinated themselves into thinking that something like this could happen. But it never happened to me. Especially not everyone I knew had it, that they were getting small or not enough space. I switched from a joint to vape refillable cartridges. Much more convenient than a joint. The cartridges have less harmful concentrate than weed. But I order them from https://www.justcannabis.shop/product-category/weed-vapes/. It's important that they are quality. And I feel relaxed, but I don't feel small.

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I love getting high and getting into little space. I think it really removes some boundaries and walls and lets be in the moment. I also feel soooooo cozy when I am high  ^_^

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  • 2 years later...

I feel very little when smoking herb. @ColinJones I agree. I know people who become anxious and stressed. Everyone is different when it comes to neurochemistry. For me, I feel similar to @Spooky. It is like a hug that hushes me and makes me feel comfy. It is funny because I tend to whisper because sounds are amplified so I am speaking in like this kiddy whisper voice lol. I also become useless in a good way. I am usually "I GOT IT" all day but when I am herbed out, I am like "can you bring snackkkkssss...I just.... I just can't"...I live in a legal state so would like to pursue it more in depth.

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