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Storytime recommendations!


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Hey Everyone!


After what has seemed like an eternity I'm finally getting to meet my amazing Little Princess.


Something that we used to do a lot of during the early months of the relationship was I would read her a story at ninights over Skype (from my work break room hehe) until she fell asleep (and often keep going without realising!). Failing that I'd record a chapter for her so she'd be able to fall asleep to my voice. That has stopped lately for a number of reasons though we both got a lot out of it.


I'd really like to have a great story to read her whilst I'm with her (about 2.5 weeks) and I'm looking for recommendations. I've got a bit of time so I can buy online without any concerns.


We tried that retelling of Disney Aladdin (the series where they all have twists in them from the original) but it was far too dark for her and gave her bad dreams. Something fun to read that perhaps I can do voices for and really get into it would be amazing.


Her Little age is 6.


I'd really appreciate your recommendations!

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The Poky Little Puppy is a really old classic title. But it is so so cute every time, it's about 24 pages and quite adorable.


Other than that, maybe a storybook based off of a cartoon or tv series? I believe My Little Pony has a collection of children's story books.

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Try looking for these at your library or Amazon. These are all multiple book series with pictures.


Splat the cat stories.

Tacky the penguin stories.

Zen tales.

Winnie the pooh original tales.

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Thelittle mouse, red ripe strawberry, &the big hungry bear

Paper bag princess

Green eggs and ham

Giggle giggle quack

Not a box

Knuffle Bunny

Click clack moo!

Make way for ducklings

The pickle book

It looked like spilled milk

A very hungry caterpillar


Take her to the library and let her check some out. That could be fun!

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Thanks so much everyone! I'm still adding to the list but these have been some awesome recommendations!


Can't believe I didn't think of Winnie the Pooh. I sing the theme song to the cartoon all the time...even to myself >.>

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My daddy has never read me a story, he writes them or makes them up himself

Awww thats even more special!  I try to make them up, but it really depends on where my head is at that day. Sometimes they are AMAZING and I feel I've done a really great job only to find out she fell asleep right at the start, and other times I'm just wiped out from the day and can't put two thoughts together.


Plus like... I may actually sometimes enjoy them too. Perhaps. Maybe...

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