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What's your funniest memory?


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I was reading another thread and it made me think, 'what's the funniest thing that happened to me when I was younger?' and it made me wonder what yours were!


Mine is that, when I was in the school Nativity play (I went to a Catholic school), I nearly gave half the congregation a heart attack. I played Mary, and was given a doll to use as the baby Jesus. The boy who was playing Joseph kept forgetting what he was supposed to say, so I hit him over the head with Jesus and then stuffed said Holy Child under my chair and refused to take it out until the teacher promised Joseph would be told off for ruining the play.


I was a brat of epic proportions.

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that was funny..

I was a nerdy girl at school and I used to act older than my age..since I was small and had to act serious all the time ,so ppl would take me for who I am..lol..I know sad..so I never had any funny stories I remember..

the funniest thing I remember..is getting suspended from 2nd grade..for running into the headmistress' office and leading some kids to it while she was in a meeting..I was only 6 years old..and got suspended..broke my sister's records..lol

Well ..the funny part was they were bullying me..and I just called them names and just took off..they never noticed where I was headed..good part..I was never bullied ever again in my life.

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I was an avid biography reader in my youth. One day when I was 7 years old my parents took me to a local village that is old timey themed and they had an Abraham Lincoln impersonator there.

Unfortunately for this Abraham Lincoln, I had just finished reading his biography and proceeded to question the impersonator on every minute detail of Abraham Lincolns life.
Since he could not answer my questions correctly, I started screaming that he is an "uneducated impostor" and pulled his beard off. 

We got kicked out and I have a life long ban from the village. Still one of my proudest moments. 

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