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LDR's and virtual reality


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So I play a game called red light center, its created by utherverse. I started playing it years ago out of curiosity and found it a lot more interesting then I expected. There are people from all over the world there who create avitars that are completely customizable.


You can buy or build your own home (building is free) go to parties, zoos, waterfalls, Paris lol... Pretty much anything you can imagine you can do.


There are a lot of people there in relationships, or families, or special communities (like furries), so I thought I'd put this here for anyone in a long distance relationship who's looking for another way to spend time with their partner.


Also great for just meeting people around the world or killing time. I know there are some other similar sites like second life and imvu but since I dont play them I can't give an opinion on them.


Red light center VIP package is $20 USD and allows you to customize your avi, use the shop (thousands of free items), build or purchase a home, and get naked/have sex.


If anyone else uses other similar sites and wants to add a few details about them that would be great. I think a lot of LDR couples would like it, the ones I have spoken to love it.

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