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Yumetwins (cute subscription service)

Guest Maru

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I am in no way affiliated with this, I just want to share it with you guys as I thought it may be of interest.
I today found about a subscription service called Yumetwins! It's got cute stuff from Japan in it. Plushies and other adorable stuff. You can look up youtube videos of people unpacking their monthly crates to see if you like it.
Personally I loved it so much so I had to subscribe. Perfect for me that likes anime, Japan and cute stuff <3 


(If you do anytime soon, you can get $3 off and some extra stuff, the code is on the top of their  page that you can easily find by googling yumetwins)

Do you subscribe to this? Or some other cute subscription service? :D

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Along the same vein, I've always wanted to try the Japan Crate, which is mostly snacks and candies from Japan. It looks so excellent and cute and helpful for little space. Alas, my partner says I don't really need 2.5 pounds of Japanese candy.


He's wrong, tho.

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