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Advice on changing rules? Is my Daddy losing interest in me?

Guest BabyG

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Guest BabyG

Hey everyone, so I'm in a LDR with my daddy and we have rules for myself with regards to masturbation/ touching etc. I can't touch without permission I also have to ask permission to orgasm. Now this was really really fun and a rule I was happy to abide by for a good 6 months but recently I feel like my daddy is being really disinterested :( I'll ask permission, he'll take hours to reply and by the time he does I'm not in the mood anymore. Or sometimes I'll do it anyway and he's not particularly bothered I broke the rule. Same with orgasms, I'll ask permission to touch, he'll say yes, I feel like he's engaged in the conversation or at least available to say yes/no baby, I ask a second time to orgasm and sometimes he then won't reply leaving me hanging until either the mood passes or I do it anyway.


We're in an open relationship, and I feel like he might be distracted with other people and not telling me at the time maybe? I mean sometimes he tries really hard caring for me and is so on the ball, he's not a bad daddy or anything I just think he flips from being really into the whole dynamic then it just kind of drops leaving me lost. I'm starting to feel like he doesn't care about my sexual needs while we're apart due to lack of enforcing rules as much lately and it's making me kinda sad  :(


Anyone been through similar patches? Is it something I should bring up? 

Advice from Daddies and Little alike would be super appreciated x


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Guest blumonkey

This is a rule I have: 

You cannot ask permission after the fact. You must ask permission BEFORE you do something that requires permission, not AFTER.

If I have not responded within 30 minutes, then you have permission. 

This excludes anything you are never given permission to do, like self-harm.

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Exactly what dd said. I had the same rules with a prior little, and not always able to respond immediately, I gave her a time lapse, if I hadn't responded within x minutes then she could.


However, in your case there are other factors. Perhaps ask that those rules are amended or dropped completely if he cannot keep up with it. Failure to respond happens sometimes as we all get busy, but if it's all the time, then a change has to be made.

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