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Recently I learned how to make tails. I finished my first one that actually feels like fur and looks right. I just have to start adding layers to make it fluffy but other than that it is completely done. It is a pink fox tail an I can post a pic but the only pic of it. I hope to one day start selling them. I just haven't found out how to do that yet. And I also don't have the money to buy yarn and yeah.




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Any such business adventure starts off small and difficult to source needed items (low funds, location ect) maybe try asking a friend to loan you some money to get started and when you have sold a couple and can buy your own things then pay them back
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I would think people start with selling their stuff on etsy or ebay or amason. This because its world wide and easy to find buyers. And then of course put yourself out there like this kind of post or make a blog and share photos and such.
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