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tips for transitioning back from little space?


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um hi everybody!! i'm very lucky that i don't have work or school and that my Daddy takes care of pretty much everything for me,

however while Daddy is at work and I'm left alone in little space (which can also be ucky) and I have to get myself to be a grown-up and such, I always drag my feet. :( even when I'm trying my littleness just doesn't wanna

When Daddy's around, it's easier because I can still be kinda in little space, but it's tough for me to transition by myself.

does anyone else have this problem? or have any tips to get out of little space? idk why it's so hard for me

also, tips for being in little space alone? i always text Daddy for things to draw or tasks to do, but ideas for little activities to do by myself would be awesome :3


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I don't have to many ideas for getting out of little space, but I have tons of things to do while alone! I sometimes draw a few pictures of a kitty doing the things I did to show Daddy when he gets home. You could always put on some music and play dress up with your clothes and even some of your Daddies. Have a tea party with your favourite stuffies! Go to the park and swing! Have a mini photo-shoot in your favourite little clothes. Make cookies (if your Daddy lets you bake while he is gone). Make a new little friend online, there are tons you can do with another little! If they live close enough you could meet up for a play date. Be penpals. Both watch the same movie (from wherever you are) and wedbcam a playdate. Draw a picture of your stuffies. I hope these help! 

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