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I'm new to this whole community and just have so many questions. Can anyone give me any advice regarding the DDLG community? Anything would be helpful Edited by alebry1239
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Welcome, alebry.


     I'd start by just looking around on the various forums, joining in the conversations that interest you and asking questions.  It's a very friendly, supportive community here and people will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Don't worry, you'll meet and make friends with people who have been exactly where you are now.  You've come to the right place.

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I'd reccommend looking at the pinned posts (the ones that say "pinned" in the different sections) and the "resources" section.

Also I found this blog a while back (SFW but some topics are NSFW) https://www.domsub.life and I've only read a few articles from it, and certainly every relationship is different, but from what I've read it's a nice ddlg blog.


Last thing: ddlg is what YOU make of it. There's a lot of posts everywhere about littles or doms acting a certain way or doing certain things, but never ever feel like you have to do anything! Don't push yourself into a mould if you want to be out of it. Maybe you don't want rules or punishments, that's fine! Maybe you don't like pacifiers or stuffed animals, that's fine too! Do what you love, it doesn't matter if it's "typical" of ddlg or not because as long as it makes you happy that's fine.

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