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Could you tell me more about CG/L?


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Hey there,

I've started dating a girl and she told me that she's into md/lg so I did some research and I like what I've found so far. (Taking care of a little one and stuff like that seems really nice) I'm very new and I have never heard of a lot of things which are very important for a little one. Because of that I'd like to ask what the basic elements of a md/lg relationship are so that I have enough information to talk to her about what she'd like in our relationship in refrence to this.


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To be honest the basics of any CG/l relationship is the same as any kind of relationship. Care, communication, and respect.


If your completely new but she has the experience just ask her what she would like from you. Not all littles are made the same and we all expect different things from our caregivers. So tell her to be specific, try a few things, be patient and do your best. Drop things that dont work for both of you and make compromises.


Good luck.

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Honestly most basics are just like normal relationships as said by princess P and the rest of it depends on her little age and what she likes.

You can message me if you want/have specific questions. :)

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