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Tips for Caring for a Sick Little

Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Getting sick sucks. It drains our energy, lowers our patience, and increases our neediness. It has been my experience that I feel even littler than usual when I am sick.  And when I am feeling littler than usual, my response to concerns are usually in the form or a stuck-out tongue or an angry, "Leave me alone!"  So, I made a list of all the things that make me feel better when I am sick.  Hopefully this can be a starting point for caregivers who are looking for ideas.


Tips for a caregiver with a sick little:



  • Stuffies: Littles may want their favorite stuffie(s) with them when they are not feeling good. If they do not have a preferred stuffie, a caregiver could get a new one and say, “This is Dr. ________, he is going to watch over you and make sure you get better quickly.”
  • Soft blanket: This is not only a source of comfort, but will also keep the little from monopolizing every blanket in the house and wiping their nose on it.
  • Soft socks/pajamas: Littles who are ill are going to want to wear their softest, comfiest clothes. It is super helpful for the caregiver to make sure those clothes are clean and ready to be worn.
  • Eye mask: Sickies need lots of sleep, and will often take naps during the daytime. It can be hard to fall asleep with the sun shining on your face,
  • Heating pads: Very good for chills, pink eye, cramps, or just to get cozy.
  • Physical lovies: Hair petting, hugs, snuggles, foot massages – all of it is good.



  • Showering/bathing: Littles with fever/body aches may not want to shower. Anything you can do to make it more fun, such as playing with rubber duckies in the bath or picking up a new body wash, would be very helpful.

  • Clean sheets: This is especially important if your little has a fever and is sweating. There is nothing worse than getting nice and clean in the shower and then crawling into a messy bed. Be their angel, get clean sheets and make their bed for them.

  • Help wash/brush hair: This can feel like the worst chore in the world when you have no energy, especially if you have a lot of hair.

  • Tissues: The softest kind available! That nose is precious and should not be chafing from rough tissues at the end of the sickness!

  • Trashcan: For the tissues, and any other bodily fluids.



  • Medicines: Cough syrup, flu pills, antibiotics, cough drops, fever reducers. It sucks having to go the the store when you are sick, that is definitely something a caregiver can do for their little.
  • Tea/water/juice: Sick people need lots of fluids! I recommend having a thermos to keep tea hot, a tall glass for water, and a short glass for juice. If your little is a juice monster, make a rule that one of the others needs to be empty before they can get a juice refill.
  • Hot/Cold compresses: For fever, sore muscles, or pink eye, your little will greatly appreciate it if you get these ready for them.
  • Ice cream: A little with a sore throat should not be worried about breaking any food rules. Just a little bit of ice cream can be a huge source of comfort when it hurts to swallow.



  • Thermometer: Even if a temperature is not a serious concern, it feels good to hear someone say, “Ok Baby, time to check your temperature.”

  • Soup: Make a sick person yummy soup and you will be stuck with them for life. For. Life.

  • Keep track of medicines: It is hard to remember anything when you aren't feeling well. A little will greatly appreciate their caregiver keeping track of when it is time for a new dose of medicine.

  • Story time: A caregiver can get a new book to read to their sick little. Or, if as caregiver is unavailable, check out Story Time with Mikey (The Day the Crayons Quit was a bright spot during my recent illness).

  • Coloring books: Your little may enjoy having a new coloring book and maybe some new crayons/pencils for their illness. If they already have a bunch, making sure that everything is within easy reach or that all the pencils are sharpened would be super helpful.

  • Devices: If your little is in an unusual spot (like a couch) it would be very helpful to set up charging cords for any phones, computers, or other devices. That way, the little doesn't have to frantically find an outlet when their phone is about to die.


These are just my suggestions, please comment with your ideas for taking care of a sick little.

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Guest ☽ ᴍᴏɴᴏᴄᴇʀᴏs ☾

Like when you got sick and you did not have caregiver and you had to go through everything alone.

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