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So i have been interested in a friend of mine for awhile and only recently i found out she was a little. So i told her i would look into the whole scene and i wanted to understand her better. I am asking for help understanding different types of littles since i don't know what type of little she is yet, only found out the other night. This is the first person i'm willing to go this far with so i want help to screw this up. Myself, I am a switch, if that helps with any advice. Please help me.

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There aren't really any particular "types" of littles. Some prefer to be labeled as a middle, some enjoy baby talk, some like to have a total power exchange, some.like rules and punishments, some are sexual, some have a little space, some are roll players, some are 24/7, some are into diapers and pacifiers... And for all those who are there are those who are not and who like the complete opposite.


All you can do is ask her what she's into and what she likes. Check out the forum and you will see that there is so much variety among caregivers and littles, you can't really put them into types.

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