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Hi everyone! :-) I am very new to this site and have only been in a dd/lg relationship for a little less than a year. I am asking if anyone has any tips for my daddy and I since we are in a long distance relationship, due to his job he got moved to Europe and is now 6 hours ahead of me and obviously very far from me. I want to know if anyone has any ideas on making the daddy and little girl aspect more central to our relationship even though we are apart, especially when it comes to control. I don't like having so many responsibilities and he likes having more control, right now he feels like he has none and I feel like I am drowning in responsibilities and decisions. Hope I get some responses! :)

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Guest Lycan

My Daddy and I are LDR too! It's so rough sometimes, so I totally understand! Sorry to hear about his change of location, especially with that time lapse. What my Daddy and I do is watch a lot of Disney and Little shows, I talk to him in playful baby voices and he does it back which puts me in a deeper little space hehe. I talk a lot about my stuffies and show them on camera and stuff. Other than that we play mini games online like "Draw my thing". Slime Rancher put me in little space a few times and we were going to play it together but forgot i guess. Everyone is different though, Daddy and I are both gamers so it's a bit easier. He could also read you bed-time stories about you and him being together. Daddy and I used to listen to relaxing nature sounds/ fireplace crackling when we were falling asleep together while he told me bed time stories, it was da bomb. :3


As for the responsibility stuff, he could set up a mini chores list for you to do while he's away. When my Daddy goes to away he does that for me hehe, makes me feel super special when I do what I am told. I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to during this rough patch and I hope he comes back to you soon. Good luck to you both. :D

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I guess one thing I can suggest with regards to responsibilities - I dunno if it applies to you guys but maybe with things like paying bills - he could do that online for you and might make you feel a little more looked after. Even if it's with your money/card.


List of chores could help, maybe he could write your shopping lists for you (if you live in an area where it's available maybe he could order your groceries to be delivered for you) and make some cute little recipe cards for your favourite meals.


Skype at your bedtime if possible and at weekends maybe find some fun activities you can do together online - Skype while you bake or colour in something pretty for him, play little games together, watch stuff together. (check out rabb.it)

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