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Help please, I do not know what to do


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Hi, I'm new here. Recently I joined a couple of Daddy and little boy. I am very much in love with both. But I joined them for little help. The problem is that I feel that Daddy is not very happy with me. He is super affectionate with his other little one, but I feel that with me he is a little distant. I've talked a little about this, and he tells me it's just that daddy is a little possessive and it's hard to get used to the new relationship. For all three it's all about being a trio. But I'm afraid. What if daddy decides I'm not good for them and I should leave them? I think I could not stand it, I love them too much.

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Guest Mr.Stuffykins
I think it depends on how much experience your daddy has in this type of relationship. If he has experience with this then its probable that he does indeed favor one little over the other. However, if he is new to this dynamic then its safe to assume that he hasnt adjusted to it yet. Having the time and motivation to equally express affection is quite exhausting (to someone new to this). It ultimately comes down to how experienced he is. Assuming hes never been in a relationship like this then simply give it some time. Let him grow accustomed to it. If however things remain the same, after some time, then its best to move on. At that point you wouldve already told him how you feel and you wouldve given him time to change. If you still feel rejected then its my personal opinion that you seek affection elsewhere. Youve done everything possible and yet there is no effort on his part to better the relationship. If it comes to that then youll be better off with someone that will give you all the love you need so that you dont feel unappreciated or undervalued. Edited by Stuffykins
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