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Hey what are the best places for pacis? I'm interested in customizable bigger ones with a big silicone nipple, and I'm curious if you guys know places to look that I don't. Thanks bunches!
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There's a few little/adbl stores that carry them. Here is a few that I know of:



I haven't ordered from them but I have heard good things about them. They are pretty good with custom orders.



I've ordered from them before, their pacis are more generic but the price is pretty affordable. 



I haven't ordered from them but they have become pretty popular in the community. Their pacis are affordable as well and have a bit more variety. 



This is actually a Canadian store that I live about an hour away from, I purchase most of my little items from them. I bought my favourite Hello Kitty paci from them! I've met the owners and they're very nice and friendly and always involved in the community. They do a lot of custom orders and I think they have international shipping. 


If you're looking for a more glamorous or creative paci, try Etsy! There's quite a few stores on there that have really cute ones! 

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Etsy! Onesiesdownunder has cute ones! Some places will do custom ones. Its just a matter of finding them as etsy doesn't let them advertise the custom ones!
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I get mine from Amazon! You know the really expensive adult pacifiers that all the abdl models use? The ones from onesiesdownunder with the big shield? They sell them on Amazon in packs of 3 for only $14!!! While one pacifier from onesiesdownunder itself is at least $10. They're the exact same type/build for a really good price! I've already bought 2 packs from Amazon so I got 6 pacifiers $30 when it would normally be around at least $$60+ shipping! It's a good deal you should check it out!!!



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You can also try ebay. Like etsy they have all different types and themes, but they also have plain ones that you can customize yourself.
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