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Daddy Dom is reluctant to Dom


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My Daddy and I started out as D/s and it has evolved not only into Ddlg but a full clown relationship. Very much in love and compatible but since we got the "feels" it's hard to get him to let his sadist out and when he does he doesn't go hard on me like he used to. I ask, he thanks me for reminding him, but it seems in a loop. I'm not a bad girl , I just can't act out for attention but it's hard to ask all the time without feeling like I'm nagging.


I crave his pain but I don't want it to become a chore and not enjoyable for him.

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do you ask him to go hard on you before you guys actually start? if not that could be one way to remind him so that when he begins the scene he knows what to do rather than you asking during it which might kill the mood a bit. just make sure he truly and deeply understands how much you love the pain and that you will tell him asap when it becomes too much. 


my sir was the same way in the start, but i've explicitly told him what i like, why i like it, and how much i like.

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My Daddy is a sadist Master. He' my master to but has somehow adopted the Daddy title as well and has actually said he prefers me calling him Daddy, perhaps because I'm so damn cute. Anyway, when Daddy and I first met he told me he was "a cold hard Dom" and he still is but in the four months we've been together he has not punished me as much either. I asked him why?  He said that though he is a sadist nd loves the pain he does not like to hurt his baby girl. It took me a while to understand what he means. He doesn't like it when I am sad or scared of him that I won't let him near me or I don't seek him out. 


They love us and what the best for us no matter how much pain they enjoy. When you belong to someone and they own you (to whatever degrees) they can do what they want but if you look and listen, thy will choose not to be as harsh as they might be. Love creates doubts and he probably fears that you will stop loving him if he breaks and pushes you over your limits.


Breathe an reassure him that your love and need for him will not break if the two of you reach that limit. At least you will know where the limit lies. Tell him, show him you wants, need, crave the pain. Beg for it. I'm not to proud to beg my Daddy . I will say, "Daddy, please hurt me, really hurt me. Hit me harder. Spank me harder." Don't be afraid to demonstrate for him and use his own hands. Always thank him afterwards and talk about it.


I cannot stress the importance of talking about the encounter. It helps me process it better. My Daddy always ask, "How do you feel? What do you feel?" And of course, "Why do you feel that way."  It's okay to say I don't know. Because sometimes you don't, you just know you like it when he does this or that.


I hope it helps.

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