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if he's not interested, he's not interested. you can't make him. either talk to him about allowing you to have a nonsexual Daddy or maybe expanding your relationship to be polyamorous or just be your own CG. there's no magic switch to flip to make someone a Daddy

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Wow this is a common thing that people are telling about in my time in ddlg. A lot of littles try and encourage their boyfriends to be interested in it. Hey are either not interested genuinely or don't have the skills, confidence or maturity to deal with such a relationship.


I've spoken to many people in the past that made he decision to enjoy the normal relationship with their bf and then sought out a daddy or dom to fulfill thenother aspect of their relationship.

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Of course you can always roleplay to a certain extent,but the limits of this are quickly reached. 

This is out of topic but when reading your question I can't help thinking about all these fake daddy comments that keep appearing. 

Your man has signed no contract (your topic title expresses the fact that you are conscious,thanks for this). You don't want a fake,do you ?

My two cents are,for the time being you should back down from appearing to press the subject,and instead carry on studying it.

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Guest Sweetkittenbj

Talk, talk, and more talk. The honest, gut wrenching, doesn't always feel good talk. Tomorrow is right, if he's not into. It, he's not into it, & ain't nothing you can do about it. But you won't know until you talk it out.


It's difficult to have this type of relationship without an agreement. Try having a "step outside the roles" date night at home. Cook dinner together and talk. After dinner, each of you makes two lists: what you expect from the relationship & what you think the other person expects from the relationship. Then switch lists. Read, digest, & discuss. If he can commit to doing that, start out slowly with just a couple of lifestyle things, adding more every couple of weeks. If he's not willing to do the lists, I'm afraid, to paraphrase Matthew McConaghey, he's just not that into it.

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