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How to get through a fight? Things you don't say?


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My daddy and I had a fight yesterday. It was really my fault...this is my first relationship and sometimes I don't know how to communicate the way I should. I was so scared he'd leave me. I don't handle fighting well at all as I have PTSD from emotional abuse. I'm kind of a mess and feel like I can't even tell my best friend (daddy) how I feel. I'm just curious if anyone has tips on how to get through a fight/argument? And what are things you absolutely would not say to your daddy/little even during a fight? Sometimes I think I'm too sensitive :c Thanks in advance :wub:

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When I would have a fight with my old daddy I would just color something for him and apologize then talk through it until we were okay again. And things you absolutely shouldn't say is stuff like, you're a bad little/ daddy, you're childish, youre dumb, you annoy me, etc.


Good luck honey I hope everything turns out okay :)

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

It would probably be a good idea to tell your daddy that you will never bring up that subject again.  And then never bring it up.


Anger causes my brain to short-circuit, I can't think when someone around me is angry or aggressive.  I much prefer to take a few hours to figure out my thoughts, write them all down, and then have a discussion about it, point by point.  But I'm weird :wacko:


If I ever do have to confront someone, I try my hardest not to use the word "you".  It keeps me from accusing or assuming.  Instead I try to explain how I felt, what I thought, and why I did something.


Once I handmade a card that said "I'm Sorry" where I apologized for something I said.  He kept it for years afterward.


Good luck!  Let us know how things turn out.

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