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Littlespace at work?


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So I've not long started a new job as a nanny and one of the children I look after is 4 years old. Unfortunately, we don't play together as much as I'd like (she prefers to watch TV), she will often read a bedtime story with me and let me do her hair now and again. and she has even asked me to do her makeup one day. I find myself (especially on my days off) wanting to slip into littlespace especially after a stressful morning/afternoon and I'm just worried how that will be perceived. The 4 year old noticed I had a stuffie in my room that an ex had given to me a few years ago and thought teddies were only for kids so maybe its a sign it wouldn't really be approved if I started getting colouring books and stuff. So what should I do? Smuggle littlespace time in my room when I have time off and hope I don't get caught? Give up the little life or something else?

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Guest Tolerant Daddy

I think being in that live-in situation is a tough scenario and ultimately you need to weight up whats more important to you, but saying that!

Sure some small Littlespace time would be ok, but It could grow a bit too much, How much self control do you have?

The Kid seeing the stuffie in the room and his opinion is really irrelevant quite a few non "little" adults still have the odd teddy etc and really doesn't mean anything, also if it was questioned by the house adults (which I don't think it would) its just a momento of a past love! But bunnies with bunnies do make bunnies... just keep it under control.

And colouring books can be just be perceived as just a way to unwind... like sudoku :)

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The little girl who asked about my stuffie (in her logic) said I shouldn't have it because its only for kids and not grown ups. I doubt my boss would mind so much if I bought like a colouring book or teddy but if I was to start buying pacis and childish clothing it might be questioned a bit but would love to own a paci or even pullups. I just want to find that balance between being a grown up and being a little too :/ 

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