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Makeup, Hair, And outfit questions?


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So i'm rather new to this site/ddlg and my daddy doesn't like a full glam makeup like I typically do... What type of makeup do daddy's like typically? along with hair and outfits? Just curious on what others think is best for makeup and just overall appearance. i want to be the best little I can be! :)

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Honestly, there is no set thing, each caregiver has their own preferences, and each little has their own style. You could talk to him and find out what he likes, or you could explore and figure out your own preferences and see how he reacts. 

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I agree with Daddy from here but I'll give you what I think may help.


First off for hair some very popular little / nymphet styles are the small front pigtails with the rest of your hair down in the back,high pigtails, low pigtails,downward braided pigtails (this is very popular one), a high back ponytail with hair down in the back, and space buns. Accessories always add a nice touch of Innocence too! You can put bows on your pigtails or hair clips or flowers...just any type of accessory.


Next we have outfits! I know that a lot of daddies like the color baby pink, it gives off more of a 'little girl' type feel. So you could put more pinks in your wardrobe and depending on whether or not you're a sexual little you could get some cute skirts that are a little short too, I know mid thigh Jean skirts are a trend in the ddlg community. Adding some plaid skirts to your wardrobe and stuff that falls in the 'school girl fashion's is definitely a plus as well! Tank tops, spheggeti strap tops, and halter tops are good too! Patterns are always good, plus maybe some thigh highs to match! Then there's cute headbands as well, like things with bows on them or little puff balls or flowers! Velcro shoes are good as well, or sparkly shoes like twinkle toes even, an especially daddy approved one is the black shiny school girl shoes with the one strap in the middle! You can also add beaded bracelets and chokers too if you like, hell maybe even throw in a kid-like designed backpack as well for extra little girl appearance points!


And for makeup I always think it's appealing for a little too maybe put on a light coat of foundation and blush on the cheeks (not too much but not too little). Put a little bit of highlighter on and some light pink tinted lip gloss with some mascara to point out those eyelashes...gives a very fresh face kind of look!


These are all things that i find alit of daddy's are attracted to. If you have any questions feel free to friend me and shoot me a message!

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My Babygirl has amazing taste and style. Very rarely do I express preferences about her appearance, but that is simply because she does such a remarkable job with that herself.  I think the previous post is a great perspective from a fellow little, but I think the key for you is open conversation in the subject in big space with your Daddy.

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Guest Bunnyblossom

Since you've said he's not into heavy makeup, just do the "natural" look- or even go sans makeup. I'm sure you're just as pretty without it, and he obviously thinks so too. 

Of course you can still put on some lip gloss or whatever you like, for your own enjoyment ^.^


Unless you wanna try n convince him you're more of a "Toddlers in Tiaras" kinda Little. ;D lol

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FASHION AND MAKE UP SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Spend a day with him trying out new looks and see what he likes!

My daddyo loves these days, shopping is honestly so much fun with him because he so opinionated! 


He actually went to the salon with me and talked to my stylist to help me cultivate his favorite looks. Hairstyle, make up, nail polish colour, THE WORKS!


No two CG's are the same, so go to the source for inspirations!

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