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Daddy's Day Ideas?


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My daddy doesn't have the happiest weeks and I try and make him feel better but no matter what I say or do nothing seems to make it better. I often times feel like I'm too much for him to handle. I need love and attention what seems like 24/7 and I feel like a bad little because of that.

I want to assign one day every week to be "Daddy's Day", I want to have fun activities, foods, and stuffs that daddies like. But the problem is I don't know what kinds of things daddies like, I don't want to do the same things every week but at the same time my daddy is a boring butt so he doesn't have many interest's.


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I know (or at least assume) you were being cute when you said he is a "boring butt."   That may be absolutely true, but it might not be best to openly state it.  That said, all daddies are different.  I love it when my precious babygirl cuddles up and shares her real feelings with Daddy.  She can also be an amazing listener and encourager when she senses that I've had a difficult time and need it.  (Yes, even Daddies need care).  I would never turn down good food, so i don't see you going too wrong there.  As for fun activities, that might be a game of trial and error with him.  I love your desire to be such a great little to your Daddy.  That in and of itself speaks volumes. 

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Guest Bunnyblossom

It's important that Daddy's Day is all about what your Daddy likes doing. Even if it's boring old butt stuff (not the kinky kind). 


E.g. every Sunday is my Daddy's super special day. 

I make him food that he likes/loves for every meal, and get him snacks that he likes.

He doesn't have to do any chores, and I ask him for less help than usual (or none). 

He likes sitting playing videogames all day, it's just something that makes him happy. 

So he gets to sit around alllll day playing games, eating noms, and being left to his own leisure. 


Sometimes being a Daddy is exhausting, even just being a boyfriend can be too. 

So occasionally the best thing to give them is space and time to relax and just do stuff they enjoy doing without us. 

A lil Daddy Downtime. :heart: 

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Like MilkPop said, every Daddy is different. 

I try to schedule my work so he has just one day totally to himself.
Make sure the house is all clean and there are some easy meals for him to reheat or something brewing in the crock pot. 
This way he can spend the entire day doing whatever he wants and since I am at work, I am not as needy for attention.


I think alone time is super important in a relationship!


If that isn't really an option or maybe you just want to spend that time with him, just try to figure out what you think he would like. And even if it SUPER BORING, be supportive! Show an interest! Let him know you care about the things he cares about (that's really important) 


You could also try looking into things he *might* like! You could find a new hobby the two of you enjoy together! It may be difficult and time consuming but it is fun to try out new activities and wait for one to stick!

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