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Your tears shall become my salvation.

Guest Centree

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Guest Centree
The wind blows with freezing anger as darkness falls on mother earth. The bloody trail that time has created glows in crimson. I walk alone with mud on my feet, dragging the trail of dirt from my past. The feeling of guilt and atonement lingers inside, sadness, sorrow and the quest for solitude overshadows my sanity. I seek redemption, I seek vengeance, I seek justice. I seek the same peace as those who have been silent in their graves. The wretched moon has stolen it's gleam from the might of a star, upon the overshadowing, the mighty star loses its significance. An illusion of the eyes. A trick of the heart. This heart bleeds as it soul slowly fades, just as the shadow fades at night. Arise my dark delusion. For upon my eyes closing, you become my reality. Smiles and pleasantries have no value, for in reality, they are the pretentious greeting that are imbedded in the soul of all humans alike. In its former glory, thy eyes pierced the hearts of men. Just as night comes after day, thy true colors appeared. No longer does my heart bleed for you. With every beat, my anger grows. Death to you St. Valentine! As I live in a stagnant world, unable to rotate. As I wait for my own destruction, I sit here and I wonder, Will you ever suffer as much as I have? I can only hope and pray. For as my soul burns in the fire of Hades, I will gladly embrace my own end with a smile upon my face. Your tears shall become my salvation.
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