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One Daddy Little & Secret Multi-Little Daddy


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It has come to my attention that the man who was suppose to be my "daddy/sir" is not a ONE little kind of person. He blames it on his sexual addiction, he says he cant go a day without it or he feels like hes going crazy.


I can undeerstand that, I can and it was never a real issue with our relationship. He loves porn, half naked tatted up women photos, the works, if its sexual and something he enjoys he's all over it.


However I never realized that it meant I wouldnt be enough for him. A couple weeks ago I found it, or rather I went looking for it. I knew it was there, I just had to find it, and I did.


He has been entertaining multiple ( at least 3) other "baby girls" for Im guessing a decent amount of time. When I called him on it, the messages I was going to show him had 'vanished'.


He claims they never got physical, that they only TALKED about using MY car to see each other and fuck and the like. Im not so sure I even believe that, I want to, but Im not sure.


I love him to pieces, he has made me more comfortable and much more confident in myself. However, THIS has stripped me of everything but my insecurities. So I broke it off, I told him i couldnt be with a person who cant even control themselves for the one they "love".


What hurts most, is they were getting his "goodmorning beautiful", "Have a good day sweetie", "of course babes" almost everyday and i got NOTHING.


I dont know what im suppose to do now, two and a half years, MULTIPLE purchases (HIS CAR is under MY name), promises. We were looking at buying a house!


I just, I want to move past this, but I dont think its stopped. Im pretty sure he just waited a few weeks before starting again, only now I cant catch him.


Most peoples advice, EVEN HIS ADVICE, was to ask, just straight out ask if its happening, however now (unlike before) he has shown me if he can lie to get away from it he will. (He deleted all the messages and keeps the girls off his friendslist and nameless. It shows me he cant be trusted to tell the truth.)


Has anyone else had this issue, is there anyone who can give me advice or help me through this. Im just really tired og constabtly wondering if/how many women hes got in his inbox right now.

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I HATE that this is happening to you :( It's so heartbreaking when you can't trust the one you want to trust more than anyone! I have never been in that situation with a daddy, but I have been in a similar one during a four year relationship that ended about two years ago! The best advice I can give is actually to not take advice from anyone. Do what YOU think you should do. This is a situation to use your brain in, not your heart. Your heart is broken and not working properly! Even if you feel lost and can't decide what to do, you know deep down inside what you should do. Hope that helps, at least a little! :heart:

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This is so heartbreaking to read. 

IMO you have two options left here


1: Give him one more shot with very specific circumstances. If he really has a sexual addiction, he should be getting professional help. Counseling, therapy, whatever. And I would also stipulate couples counseling. 

2: Dump his ass. Just get away from him as soon as possible. 


Personally I would advise 2 but if you really love him and really think he loves you, it can be worked through with the help of a professional or two.

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I love him to pieces, he is the only man Ive ever actually even been atteacted too. The only person Ive ever trusted, in fact he is the first person ive ever came out to as a little.
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Guest CGWolfe

I have been at a similar place and I say this with as much respect as possible but, if you allow it to go any further, YOU will share the blame.


It hurts sometimes when we find out they aren't who you thought, but the longer you cling to something that isn't there, the less trust will be possible.


You might have to face facts that, this relationship isn't worth the pain.


It's like I told someone in the past "It doesn't matter how much someone builds you up, if their plan is to leave you empty handed"

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Guest mts269

Trust and respect are vital in the relationship.

It does not exist in your relationship and it is what you need.

You deserve better.


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I'm sorry that you have to go through that. I would not give him other chance. I have an ex who is not in the life that i still have monetary ties too but I am not with him. For the longest time i felt like I wouldn't b able to function without the ex because he made me rely on him for everything and i lost myself . I understand that you love your Daddy, but if you are not okay with sharing your Daddy then it will eat at you and make you miserable. Though it will hurt like hell to leave him, in the long run it's better and healthier.

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He won't stop cheating, even getting caught won't stop him it will just get better hiding it. This sort of thing happened to a friend of mine, he sees nothing wrong with his behavior and won't change. The best thing you can do is take everything you paid for and leave and never look back. 

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