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Younger Daddies and Older Daddies.

Guest ScarletBlue

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Guest ScarletBlue

Hello again another new topic I just have to get out.

First off my mind keeps thinking about many different things. Like am I really a Little or just a kid at heart with a daddy kink. And then my mind wonder to the Daddies. And when I go to the personal I see younger guys around the age 18 to 23. I am 25 years old.

I don't know if I could feed a younger daddy. I always pictured myself with someone older mainly because that's what I saw on TV. The man being older than the woman. I always pictured just a few years older than me at least less than ten years older. But I talked to a few little that are older than their Daddies.

If I meet a guy and he makes me feel loved, protected and someone i trust enough to control and dominant me. Should the age really matter.

There was this one time when I was middle school. I liked a boy that was two and half years younger than me. We both went to the boys and girls club. We were watching a movie and I had my head on his shoulder with my arms wrap around his arm. He was very slowly moving his hand to my knee. I almost just grab his hand and put it on my knee. But sadly after that we didn't see much of each other.

My mom is married to a younger man. They are happy.

I don't know why but I just can't stop thinking about this. I keep over thinking the wrong things. I should be focus on finding and buying a car.

I know that I'm not mentally ready to be in a relationship or think. But anyway that's it for now.

Later kinky people

(P.s. I'm typing this on my phone so if you see any grammar or spelling errors ignore them.)

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I'm going to say that age does matter to a certain extent. In a vanilla relationship I can't be with anyone too young or anyone five to six years older than I am. There have only been two exceptions. I'm turning thirty three this year. When I was twenty five I dated a nineteen year old and all the cougar jokes came out and they made me feel bad about myself. 


My current Daddy is twenty years old. Yes, twelve years younger than me but he is very mature and has lived more of his life than I have. When I am with him I do not remember that he is younger...significantly younger than me. He's my Daddy and I don't see him as particularly older than me but that I am younger in my little space. I love my Daddy and he is very mature for his age, that's why it works.

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Guest Bunnyblossom

A Little is an adult young at heart, likes cutesy shizz that's demographic is children basically, and has a Daddy Kink. Basically what you thought it was.

You don't have to want a younger Daddy, or an Older Daddy. It's about your personal relationship with whoever you find yourself interested in. 

I mean, some Littles have boyfriends or husbands that aren't even Daddies. 


Now go peruse cars and stuff. :heart: Totally more worthwhile. 

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My Daddy is one year younger than me. I have no problem with it at all. He's a lot more mature than me and he does look a lot older than me haha.

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