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I need help setting rules...?


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Hey, so I am new to the whole daddy/caregiver/ddlg... uh... THING. I'm in a relationship currently, and we already had a daddy/dom dynamic behind closed doors. Just recently tho, my partner came to me and was talking about being a little and DDLG and stuff, and also told me about rules and punishments for breaking said rules. All of my previous relationships have been pretty much vanilla, but I'm excited to try this new dynamic.


Anyway, the point of this thread is to help myself and perhaps other daddies/caregivers develop a set of rules and relative punishments, as well as just general conversation related to being a better Caregiver or daddy or whatever the appropriate term may be.

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Guest Little_Lia

Hey! I can only speak from the little side of the dynamic so I won't be much help in the caregiver side of your post, butI can point you to where people have posted their rules, some with punishments listed as well.


In the little space section of the forum, pinned to the top, is a topic about rules that daddies and mommies have set in place for their littles and it would give you guys a starting off point to get ideas. 


They don't have to be super complicated rules, it can be something as simple as "eat healthy" or "bedtime is ___ on weekdays and ___ on weekends!" Also, rules are about adaptability, if you find that a rule doesn't really work or it's too hard to keep up with, change it, and along with that, don't make them super complicated to the point that following through is really hard. Hope this helps! 

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