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I'm new at this and I'm worried


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I just turned eighteen, and I have wanted to persue a DDLG relationship, I would be a little, for a long time. But I'm worried that it's just a phase. I love it now, but what if it changes and I'm in a DDLG relationship with someone I really love. I'm so new to this that I haven't even had a DDLG experience yet. I'm just really worried.
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I think the misconception is that if you are into ddlg you must love paci's or talk like a baby. Some people are even just themselves so I wouldn't worry about doing a head dive into things. I feel like if you love someone and they love you, you will evolve as a couple and so will the things you like and dislike. I think as long as you are honest with a daddy about your experience, fears and expectations everything should be fine. Also take your time finding a daddy there are alot of creepy people out there.
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StarwberryMilk said it. I'm a 32 year old little and I don't like pacis and diapers. It's a bit too far for me. I don't like the baby talk either. I don't think that i'm too comfortable dressing as a little girl either but I love Disney things and i will do that. I do dress in dresses and skirts for my Daddy but i'm also ok in just blue jeans.


You're so new and it's okay to try something and decide that it's not for you. I mean I wasn't ever into sippy cups and with my current Daddy, I like it.You might find out that you are not a sexual little and that's ok too. I just found out that I'm a sexual little.


Read and do a little of research, when you find the right Daddy he will help you figure that out.

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