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Long Distance Dd/lg Activities?


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Me and my daddy have been long distance for over three years now and we're running out of activities to do over skype :(  We already do things like watch movies and screen share, but were looking for something new... Any suggestions? (no video games pls.)


Thanks <3

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Oh, I hope someone has some good suggestions. I newly have my very first Daddy and we're long distance.
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Guest LittleBlueLavender

You could try writing a story together, one person writes a paragraph and then the next person continues. Or something like that :)

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Guest Ginger

Hm.. We watched movies/tv shows, played video games together (Xbox One or Battle.Net games), video chatted, had little 'dates' where we'd both cook the same thing and eat dinner together. I'm trying to remember anything else... Not much else I can think of. I'm not huge on coloring/drawing with him but I'd usually doodle something and then send it to him ^-^ I also did little random video's throughout the day and sent those to him.

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Guest SifuTheWolf

There is an online virtual reality game called second life where a little and their daddy/caretaker can do everything you can in real life and some things you can't, like fly and transport from place to place, lol. Here is a link to the site https://secondlife.com/

and here is a link to a video that will give you an idea of the game 

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