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What's is it like to be little 24\7

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I'm a Little probably 90% of the time. I love it. 


It takes a LOT of commitment. There are rules that you have to follow, and boundaries you have to stick with. Like, I'm not allowed in the kitchen and I'm not allowed to watch anything that isn't G or PG. I don't wear nappies, but I do suck on pacis and I have a toy box filled with dolls and barbies and coloring books. It is super comforting, and I always feel so at ease (I have anxiety that is so bad that I can't leave my house without panicking.) So this helps me stay sane.

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Being a little 24/7 sounds like it would be amazing but I think it would come down to finding a caregiver who is willing to accept that 24/7 role and cater to your emotional needs. Being a little 24/7 would mean that the caregiver you're with (if you have one) would have to be understanding that you can't be big all the time and you would have to be willing and understanding to accept rules you are given (within reason) and also accept that certain things you won't be allowed to do anymore because you're little.


I wish I could be little 24/7 but the first step is creating that safe space to do so and finding someone who could possibly share that side with

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