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Real or Not?


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Regardless if the conversations we had were real or not. Regardless if the feelings we felt for each other were real or not. Regardless if the laughter and the joy was real or not. Regardless if the late nights talking about nothing and everything were real or not. Regardless if you really did accept me for the secrets I told you that others rejected me for. You made me feel wanted. You made me feel accepted. You made me feel appreciated. Now you have disappeared without a trace and deleted the only way I communicated with you. I just want to say I will keep my promise to you. The promise I made when you woke up from nightmares afraid I wouldn't want you anymore if we actually met. Even if those nightmares were real or not. You do not have to fear me rejecting you. When you found me I was really depressed and even though it was a short time you made me the happiest I had been in a while.... Whether it was real or not. I knew it was to good to be true. You are a perfect match for me. Nothing could be more perfect than a dream and you were. Now I have no way to tell you, but in my heart every day I will retire wishing you a goodnight and sweet dreams and every day will start with a smile saying good morning to you. Maybe I am crazy and none of it was real, but you made me feel it was. I miss you... I love you... Thank you...


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Guest Lace and bows
Kaya that was really nice and heartfelt .your more of a true Dom than some that little have.hope your ok ..!sending hugs and happiness!
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