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Okayyyyy. How?


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Im new to everything here and i hope to explore my little side. I hear alot about going into little space but i dont know how to get there. I have no pacis, or little clothes just some stuffies and i suck on my thumb nearly all the time. But i want to know how do i know im in little space and/or how do i get in my space?

Im sorry about my naivety but i am extremely new to this.

- Blu

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Guest daddy's_little_shadow

I just kinda do. I was going into Little space before I even knew what Little space was, tbh.


I mean, there are things that help me get into Little space, like cartoons, certain music, certain activities, but they won't necessarily work for everyone. It's really all about you. You should explore things to figure it out, and see what works for you. : ) Good luck, and welcome to the scene! : 3

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Guest Ginger

For me, it's whenever I'm watching certain shows/movies or listening to music. Being with Master is usually a surefire way unless I'm just too depressed. Experiment and see what works best for you :) Each person is special in the respect that your Little Space is what you make it and how you behave is yours and yours alone.

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My guardian can get me from "adult" to feeling small with just a few words but I think it's probably different for everyone.

I usually don't notice my "childish" behaviour until it's pointed out in some way.

My stuffies help, certain clothes or even hairstyles. Just experiment and find out what makes you feel good and little.

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