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how to trust again?


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hey everyone im new on here...and i wanna know...how do you truly trust someone again after having 2 abusive relationships (which also happen to be your only 2 relationships) its been ove 6 months since ending my last relationship and ive buildt myself back up and ready to find someone again...but my little self is telling me...trust noone... any adivce?
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Guest wolf.cub.ren
Don't jump into anything to quickly. That's seems to be a common thing in losing trust in partners. Make sure you get to know the person who you have interest in and that they are someone you want to have a long term relationship. Only way you can trust someone is getting to know them enough to.
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Guest PrincessCrown

Dont be afraid and let past abusers take your light little one HOWEVER, make sure that you are cautious enough to see future signs of abuse in potential partners a and have the strength to decide they are not for you. Look in the vast ocean, there are plenty of fish and the right one who deserves you will not abuse you. Make sure that if your addicted to abusive dominance but want to steer clear from it, you do whats necessary to build your confidence as a person and nurture that little part of you personally rather than looking outward. When you can take care of yourself well a future spouse will treat you accordingly as well.... Value yourself and the rest will come smoothly!

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I'm going to reiterate some warnings:


Take your time! There is no rush. Really get to know a person before accepting them as your daddy. And don't let them push you into something you're not ready for! A good caregiver won't try to force you into anything if you're not ready. 


Be wary. Take the things people say with a grain of salt. Don't be fooled by nice words. You have to get to know who a person really is, not just who they say they are. 

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