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Signs to look for when searching for a new relationship partner

Guest Bunnyfeet

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Guest Bunnyfeet

What are some of the better ways to tell if some one is good for you or is actually interested in you.I feel like this would be a good to post for sub and doms because maybe their will be less heart break and Paine in the ddlg comunity.Some things I look for are 


How much they ask about you/things your interested in.

How often they change their story.

what they remember about you 

how well they/you can  keep the conversation going 

how offten they use swears 

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Hmm. Also try to pick up on incompatibility issues. Sometimes stuff said in passing that might throw up a flag(but you sort of dismiss/forget) can lead to issues down the road. 

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Sounds like you'd be interest in Huniepop. xD

All jokes aside I'd say all that's really needed is honesty in any form of relationship, but if you wanted a romantic partner being compatible would also help. To each their own. ^_^

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Guest Sweetkittenbj

The self questioning is a really good idea in any type of relationship. Address anything that raises a red flag immediately before it becomes an issue. If your partner gets angry, or throws the "don't you trust me" line, be honest and say "no...I have trust issues & this is why."


Honesty & openess are key. But this also means being honest with yourself. If your daddy doesn't ask any questions about you & your day, if they change their story, if they flat out ignore you when you're with them, then sadly, they're just not that into you & it's time to move on. It's better to hurt a little in the beginning than to hurt more once you're more emotionally invested.

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The one thing i love about my Daddy and I is that we are willing to talk out the problems/ fights. Look, my Daddy is amazing because I'll be honest I am a broken human being and i cannot shake from my past relationships vanilla as they are and I make mistakes and hurt Daddy, but we talk it out. Daddy is patient with me and he understands I'm flawed and I understand that he makes mistakes to. So..





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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Good for you:

- Will a relationship with this person encorage positive behaviors or enable negative ones?

- Am I confident that any secrets I tell this person will stay with them? Does the person reciprocate by telling me their secrets?

- What can this person teach me?

- Do we share enough common interests to hold a conversation after we know eachothers histories?

- How does this person react to feedback/constructive criticism? (Subs should always be hypervigilant for any signs of manipulation)


Actually interested:

- Am I a priority for this person? Do they respond to my messages in a timely manner?

- What did this person tell their friends/family about me? (Verify if possible)

- How does this person react/respond when I communicate fears or reservations?

- When I ask about their future plans, does this person include me?

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