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I need characters for a new story!

Guest Ginger

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Guest Ginger

Hi everyone *waves* So, for those of you who don't know me, name's Ginger :) I think I'll just jump right in to this.


So I'm looking for people to make suggestions for characters. I've had a bit of writers block the last few months and I'm trying to pull myself out of it. This story wouldn't be anything published, maybe just thrown up on Wattpad or possibly I'll just link you guys to it privately via Google Docs. Anyways, if you have a suggestion, please fill out the little form below!


***If you want to suggest a story that centers around your character, feel free! I think writing a few short stories would be a good warm up for a longer novella-length piece. I will try my best to keep short stories under 10 pages.***


 001//  Fill out as many as you feel necessary~


002// (Optional) Add an image if you don't think you can describe them. Image must be site appropriate.


003// Anything not filled out, I'll throw something in. Example: If you don't fill out height, I'll pick one.


004// This can be a fictitious character or it can be based on someone you know. Please don't tell me if it is someone you know, that's added pressure I don't want :unsure:








Hair color:

Eye color:

Clothing choice: (can be images or just text description)

Short Personality Description:

Story suggestion: (Please be as detailed as you can so I can get the story right!)


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Guest LittleBlueLavender

A young ebony haired girl, with striking white eyes and skin almost blue its so pale. Small in frame and always seems to lurk in the shadows. She is so quite most people don't even know she is there and consequently she know a lot of information she shouldn't. She's sharp and vicious with a cold exterior, and no one can seem to find the soft side of her. She's always alone and no one knows where she comes from or goes to. But the underling cause of her harsh behaviour is her immense loneliness and the inability to accept her emotions, and face where they come from.


Hope that works!


P.s. I couldn't think of a name for her so I thought you could come up with something!

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Name: Mimi

Age: 19

Gender: Female
Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 5'8

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair color: brunette

Eye color: grey

Clothing choice: big baggy clothes and jeans 

Short Personality Description: really really really really shy!! but nice if you get to know her!! really eager to please but also a really much a perfectionist

Story suggestion: I am really bad at this!! maybe she has some deep mysterious past that makes her super cool and she ends up becoming a princess or something!! 

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Name: Eleanor Whitt

Age: 22

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: 5" 4'

Weight: 140 lbs (I dont know female weights. I mean Im 150 so I basically went slightly smaller than myself :s

Hair color: Brunette

Eye color:

Clothing choice: Eleanor dresses to match the demeanour she wishes to portray. Generally this is of a bookish/shy girl so her outfit is designed too make her more unassuming and to stand out less.

Short Personality Description:  Eleanor Whitt is a shy bookish individual whom has never done anything of any renown or has she ever stood out. Or at least thats what she wants you to believe. Her outward demeanour is a ruse built due to her most likely tragic backstory (Ill leave that to you unless you want some assistance)  as a tool to hide her true self. In reality she is calculating and self serving. That isnt to say she is ruthless and cruel however, merely that she will do anythign to protect and further her own interests. She prefers to not stand out and fade into the background where she can observe and study her situation, surroundings and companions. Her analytical mind and observational skills are of an almost supernatural level and given time she can talk, think or invent her way out of any given situation. All the while appearing to others like a frightened young lady waiting to be rescued. 

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