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Lost littles?


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I've been without a daddy for a while now and I'm going crazy being on my own! I have hard times lookin after myself without my Big there to help me out too


How do u guys cope on your own? Since the likelihood of me finding a daddy soon is minimal, I should learn to cope by myself

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I've never had a daddy and, to be honest, I still don't know how I cope. I feel completely lost much of the time because it's so hard being grownup all the time when all I want some days is to be little. It can be so difficult being an adult when you're struggling to do things you wish you had a Big/ CG/ DD to do or help with, or at least make it less of a painful chore.


I hope you can figure out the secret. Good luck!

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I wish you the best of luck with finding a way to cope.

To me dealing with animals or little children can make things easier. For two basic reasons: You can be in situations where you simply need to act responsible and be grown-up but they also don't much care if your behaviour is a little weird. It definitely seems socially more acceptable to act childish while you are playing with an animal or a child.


Some things, like watching children movies, listening to audiobooks or plays for children or colouring, are things you can simply do alone (even if they are more fun with someone else).


I think the important thing is taking care of yourself. Figure out how you can meet your most important needs. If that means sucking your thumb to go to sleep, do it.

I often pretend that my chores around the house were set up by someone else and I'm planning rewards if I do them properly.


But I guess it all hinges on what you need for your day-to-day life and what you would want from a relationship.

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Guest ParanoidAsylum
As lost as I am most of the time, I have gotten to a point where I think I have to take on that responsibility all the time. I don't recommend it though.
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Guest Kitten_Mae
I'm in the process of getting a daddy as well, so I understand what you're going through.. when times get tough it's really hard to self soothe.
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