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Guest Anne_A_Little_babygirl

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Im a huge sucker for delicious frappes! I love the taste of coffee but I used to be addicted to it, and now I only drink it maybe 4-5 times a month.
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Guest daddy's_little_shadow

Coffee is my life source. If I don't drink it, I slowly die away and turn into dust.


Frappucinos are my favorite in the world, but I like just plain hot coffee, too. : 3

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I luvv coffee, sadly an shamely i havent put my lips to a good lil mug of coffee for a year now, honestly moved in an never asked my roomate on how to use the darn coffee machine an i dont like going an watching someone else make me my coffee -_-


i cant wait till i can have another coffee drink, doing night shifts needs that ectra boost of energy that i definitely need! haha coffee good.. coffee is life even in litlespace fore me

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*glitter*  :heart: coffee is nice in da morning  :heart:  *glitter* 

*glitter*  :heart: coffee is nice in da evening  :heart:  *glitter* 

*glitter*  :heart: coffee is nice in da evil castle  :heart:  *glitter* 

*glitter*  :heart: coffee is nice in da nighttime  :heart:  *glitter* 

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Guest Fros†beard

I have to have my cup or two in the morning.
Due to my stomach ulcer, however, I can't drink coffee as much as I'd like.
When out and about, I sometimes treat myself to a good capuccino. :)

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