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wanting to be a little


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Welcome to the community!  :D

First things first, explore what you want from being a little. Do you have triggers for your littlespace? Could you invest in new little hobbies, like colouring or crafting? Are you a Disney Princess, or more of a Monsters Inc. kinda little? Being a little is a facet of your personality, let yourself enjoy the innocence and fun that comes from that!

As to learning about DDlg, this forum is a great place to start! You could also try fetlife or tumblr, but those can be hit and miss. Some really great resources are DDlgDoodles and DominantLife's Library for Kinksters, off the top of my head.

Once you've a) learned about yourself and your little self, and B) learned more about the lifestyle, then you can go about looking for a Daddy!

But remember, sexual or not, a DDlg (or caregiver/little) relationship is similar to any other. You need to know your limits, likes and dislikes in order to be able to explain them to somebody else! Also, and most importantly, you don't need a caregiver to be a little! Littleness is something individual and independent, though I admit a Big can enhance it.

Good luck! And just have fun with everything! Learning about yourself is exciting, especially something as fun as DDlg and littlespace!

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If you want to be a little you are a little. 


There is no right or wrong way to be who you are. Littles come in different shapes and sizes, and interests.  :3 Theres a lot of different interests littles have. Its hard to generalize, because its also apart of something that makes you, you. Its apart of your personalities, and personal curiosity. :3


As for learning about DDlg, I would say research, read online, check out sections on the forum that have been layed out, and don't be afraid of asking questions! 

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Welcome to the forums!

I'd add some resources if I knew of more, but they have it down in those two posts.

Don't be afraid to ask questions! We all had to learn more about the lifestyle at some point!

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