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Can't go into little space anymore :(


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My bf and I have been together for about 2 years. When I told him I was a little in the first year, he was really supportive. He still is. But lately he been more submissive than I am. I can't go into little space any more. And it's becoming really hard. I've trying talking to him about a few times. But in the end it just ends up the same. Help me with some advice please
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Guest Mittens

Hmm this is difficult to work with. If he is a natural submissive you won't ever get a genuine reaction from him a caregiver can give. If DDLG is this important to you, then i would say that you should talk to him about it. Mention how important it is he takes up a more dominating, rule based, caregiving, demeanor. If he can't offer it, then you have a few choices, all of which I dont' like nor recommend but, they are choices.


1. Have a split relationship. Have a daddy on a side but only with consent with him and the daddy you seek. Make the rules really clear and what the purpose is really clear. 


2. Leave him and find another person who can better fit your needs, but explain to him it is because you have tried to get what you need from him and he can't offer or deliver it to you. Assure him it isn't a fault with him ect, and you two can stay friends or you can break it off hard. IDK your choice.


3. You can stay with him and neglect your littlespace side. OR perhaps try and take up a more caregiving role. 


Beyond these 3 things, the only thing I can say is, if he is more submissive than you, maybe you're a dom. I am a caregiver and I love coloring watching cartoons drawing playing with toys ect.. I love all those things because it's a part of it. DAddies should play with their littles, and daddies should interact and be a part of their world, that is how I am though. i know not all relationships and dynamics are exactly alike. Maybe you are a caregiver with little tendencies. If him being submissive isn't attractive and really turns you away from a lot, then maybe it is an internal struggle you have to battle. Again, talk to him above all else, if he CAN'T and doesn't know how, work with him. He is trying. If he doesn't want or show little interest in doing such, maybe he isn't looking out for you as a boyfriend as he should. I personally feel relationships are a give and take, there will always be differences arguments, fights, ect. It's getting past them that makes all the difference. But both parties need to be willing. If no one is willing then you won't get over the arguments and fights and it will break down over time. 


I know my advice is difficult to swallow, and I know it may not entirely help you. Maybe you've thought of this before. For that, i am terribly sorry! I do wish the best for you and all other couples out there, everyone in this world deserves love and to know what love feels like. So, I hope it helps. Maybe if you need more we can brainstorm anytime, feel free to message me if you have any ideas you want to bounce off me or thoughts.

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