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So my daddy and I are pretty new at this, six months July 14thish ^_^


Something that has continually come up as a work in progress kind of thing for us is trust issues. It's really me being able to trust him in the role he's in. In what ways can we build trust that isn't directly putting me in a place where it would end up continuing the cycle of distrust?

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Guest StonerBaby
Maybe try a journaling task..and be open to sharing it with him..trusting him with your personal thoughts might seem like a big step but it really creates a strong bond and he will learn so much more about you and be able to care for you in some unexpected ways, like being able to predict what you want for snacks or just pulling you in for big hugs when he can see your little mind is worrying ..sometimes its harder to talk to them in adult mode about little issues but he might take you more seriously about things if you talk to him as a rational adult about how your feeling..and you can do it by talking directly to him or journaling and sharing it...I know it might feel like a big risk to share your journal but when you see how it can help things you'll notice you've been trusting him with it for a while without thinking about it
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Guest infinitecases

Trust is most easily built up over time by actions. Letting someone be your daddy/little requires a lot of mutual trust and I think the best way for that to present itself is by proving you are trustworthy to your partner. Actions speak louder than words as they say. 

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