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Little Illy

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*waves* Heya everyone!


Some of you might not know, but I have an incredibly hard time reaching little space. There are many factors as to why, I know most of them, others are evading me. Whatever the reason I have only been in little space only a few times. And this is incredibly frustrating for me (and I think for my Daddy - but more from a 'what can I do to help' perspective).




Last night my Daddy was asking me what we could do before bed that would put me more in a little mind set before bed. Originally the idea was maybe about talking about what I would like to dream about (unicorns, puppies and candy, oh my!) but sleep is a touchy subject so that was nixed for us. 


Buuuuuut theeeeeen - we came up with Animal Hour!


Animal Hour is (hopefully) going to be our new nightly routine! Basically what we do is this: Daddy picks an animal for the night. He then asks me questions about the animal, and without looking up any answers (that's cheating!!) I answer them to the best of my abilities. But the key here, is to ask and answer in a DDlg fashion, even if I am not in little space at the time. And from my experience last night, it is a massive trigger in the space direction. Talking about animals always makes me get a little little (heh) and I have found it really does when Daddy is partaking in the language.


To maybe explain a bit better, here is an example of what Animal Hour could look like:


Daddy: Okay, the animal is Polar Bear! Can you tell me what color they are?


Little: They are white, Daddy!


Daddy: Correct! 


Daddy: Okay, what animal family do the polar bears come from?


Little: Um... mammals...?


Daddy: Very good, cupcake!


Little: :D Yay!


So on and so forth. You all get the idea. Basically it can be a very cute, light way to trigger the little into a little space. At least if the little loves animals (like I do) and a fun little game between the little and caregiver. I also thought of making an Animal Hour Star Chart - for every 100 nights where I win (haven't figured out how to win yet), I get a new stuffie!


The whole point of my post is to maybe give an idea for other littles who have a hard time getting into little space, like I do. I know it can be incredibly difficult to reach that mind set for some people, sadly, and I hope this idea will help. Its no fun when you desperately want to reach that mind set and just cant, especially when Daddy is doing everything right. But this has already proven, within minutes, to be one heck of a trigger (good one!) in the best direction. And I just really wanted to share it because I know the struggle. And maybe this idea can help some other little who is having a hard time getting into little space. Even if it just sparks an original idea of their own! 


And the best part is! You can do Animal Hour with a caregiver, or a little friend! Who knows, the possibilities are endless! :D

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Guest daddy's_little_shadow
Awesome idea! : D I like it! : 3 I've yet to explore Little space triggers, tbh. I just do a Little space activity until I reach it, and that's if I reach it. I guess it would be easier with a Daddy, but this is something to keep in mind when I'm able to have one! : D Thanks for sharing!
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I'm glad you all like it! I can say night two of Animal Hour was a smashing success - even after a rough day! Last night the animal was... chickens (of all things!) XD XD XD Too funny! I truly hope it helps/works for all of you the way it does for me.

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