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Confused little


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My daddy made me feel like he was going to collar me and soon, but a few minutes later he changed his mind he said he didn't know when it'll happen now... I'm just confused about it and I don't know much about collaring and I was hoping someone could help. How long should someone be together belle that happens? Edited by Ashturtles
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Collaring is something that is often discussed in depth in the relationship. It means different things to different people. My partner and I are loosely following the old guard's rules on collaring, but that is more of a D/s dynamic than cg/l.


There are no set rules on when, but you should really bring up what the collar means to him and what it means to you and discuss. Some have it as a show of being owned, some use it for play, someone's collar could be like a marriage ring. It is very heavily dependent on those involved. Maybe look around online and read up, or ask him about his opinions.


Here's a link to where I took and adapted my belief on collaring:


Also try looking up "bdsm collaring" and read a bunch of different stuff on it.

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Guest MasterPhotog



Considering how fast your Daddy changed his mind, it seems either something serious happened or came up. Each relationship being different, therefore, length of pre-collaring period varies from one relationship to another. 


It would best if you give some time so whatever it is that caused your Daddy to stop collaring you settles down, then try to gently ask your Daddy if everything is OK and nothing serious is there that's causing any doubt or hesitation in his intention to collar you.


Communication is the key to your confusion. Good luck.

Feel free to add/message me if I can be of further help.

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There's no general time frame for when someone should be collared. Some people dont even think collaring is an important step in the relationship.


Just talk to your Daddy. Ask why he hasnt collared you. Communication is the key thing to make relationships work.

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Guest daddy's_little_shadow

Collars mean different things to different people. I, personally, take up a loose version of the old guard way.

Here's a link to explain things better: http://www.submissiveguide.com/2012/05/what-it-means-to-be-collared/ (the site has some NSFW content. It's a BDSM site afterall.)

I use the site a lot when I have questions about the BDSM side of DDlg. It's very helpful for submissives!


Now, onto your Daddy problem. I would say that the fact that he's retracted his decisiont to collar you could mean something serious is wrong, or it could mean that he's taking time to really think about his decision. I would discuss this with him, but do not feel bad if he decided against it for now. The fact that he's thinking about it is a sign that he takes your relationship seriously, and he wants to do the right thing by you, because he cares for and loves you. Anyway, communication is always key!


: 3 *hugs* I wish the best for both of you!

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